Coming the best in P!O!P! Let us invite you to a bath of jangly guitars, timeless melodies and a gentle vioce by a band once called the best english-vocal-band around in germany.

Brideshead will play at Cologne Popfest

It has been almost two years since the last update of our website! Lots of things happened since then.

First of all we are happy to officaly say hello to Daniel our new drummer, well he’s with the band for over a year, now..

Most actual news is that we will play at Cologne Popfest next Friday, 22th of March. As we will play one or maybe two new songs this evening, rumors might come into circulation that a new Brideshead record might be only a couple of years away… You can check for details here.

We are happy and kind of excited to play with the marvellous Night Flowers and the magnificent Close Lobster at this evening.

Brideshead is part of the spring playlist of entradas agotadas

Spring is near and Brideshead is part of the spring playlist of entradas agotadas.  In this playlist we are in unity with very, very famous artists such as Pjotr Iljitsch Tschaikowski and Benny Goodman..

Brideshead @ Madrid Popfest 2016 on video!

While we have been on stage at Madrid Popfest, I noticed this guy with the video camera… Now it turned out that it was one member of Producciones y Punto and they are currently uploading every single song we played. There are videos of the other bands performances, too! I’ll really like the very agile camera work!

So far I found these Bridehead videos:

Madrid Popfest Sampler is available at Bandcamp

Next week Madrid Popfest 2016 is happening. In the meantime the Festival Sampler is ready and can be found at Bandcamp.  We have contributed “At 45 rpm” which is one song of our last album “Never Grow Up” which is still available at shelflife records.

Brideshead can’t wait to visit Madrid and be on stage! Only 8 days left!


Madrid Popfest promotion video

Watch a great promotion video Madrid Popfest published! Right in the beginning a small piece of our video “At 45 rpm” shows up.



Nine days to go, then Brideshead will play at Madrid Popfest!

Brideshead is part of the first 2016 issue of Chinese fanzine Botanic Garden

We are happy to be part of the first issue of the Chinese fanzine Botanic Garden. The issue comes with a cd sampler which features “Class of 86” one song of our last album “Never Grow up”, which is still available at shelflife records.

Brideshead big in Hawaii!

We are big in Hawaii! The Mild-Mannered DJ Bryan from the Honolulu radio station @KTUH_FM put our album on no. 1 of his best of 2015. Thank you so much! Please invite us for a gig!! There is also a review of the album (“14 songs of pure indie-pop goodness!”).

Madrid Popfest Playlist by María Silva on Spotify

The Madrid Popfest 2016 is coming nearer.. Heres a Spotify Playlist made by María Silva including three Brideshead songs!

Madrid Popfest announced even more Bands

Last week Madrid Popfest announced that with Horsebeach, Sierra, Red Sleeping Beauty,  Los animalitos del bosque and Colour Me Wednesday some more great Bands joined the lineup.

Brideshead Mug

So I decided to prepare a nice cup of tea and some of the left over christmas cookies, dig into their music and update bridesheads post about the Popfest.  The result can be found here.

Interview by Roque Ruize from Cloudberry Records with Martin

Today an interview with our singer Martin done by Roque Ruize from Cloudberry Records has been released on his blog. Martin is charming as always, read what he got to say here.

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