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Month: September 2015

New review of “Never Grow Up” at ALLMUSIC

I just discovered a quite good review at ALLMUSIC. Seems like they like “At Melancholy Bay” the most, because of the rock muscle in its rhythm section ?!?…

Our new album cover

LIFE121_Cover480We all love the cover of our new album “Never Grow Up” which is available from today on from shelflife records and dufflecoat records. The guy who designed it is Pintachan. If I remember right, Martin noticed his great work as he found some postcards made by him in a store in London. If you like the cover of “Never Grow up” as much as we do, you should have a look at Pintachan’s webpage were you can have a look at far more great stuff he did.



Lyrics of our new album “Never Grow Up”

As some of our listeners requested the lyrics of our new album “Never Grow Up“, here they are:

never grow up lyric sheet side a never grow up lyric sheet side b

Brideshead band rehearsal

Today a band rehearsal took place. Have a look of some charming pictures of most of the Brideshead members and our beautiful practice room. A band rehearsal is not happening very often, unfortunately. This might be one of the reasons why it took us a couple of years to arrange the songs of our new Album “Never Grow Up” which is now available.

Our favourite recording studio

The place where it all happened… Nearly all of the recordings Brideshead did in the last 20 years (including our new album “Never Grow Up“) happened in  Zentralstudio located in Mainz. The owner Tobias Paldauf has some quite good photographer skills, some of the photos he took from the recording of  “Comeback” are publish at the studios blog.

At 45rpm is video of the week

The video to our new album  “Never Grow Up” has been nominated to be video of the week at musicwontsaveyou.

New (italian) review of our new album

The Italian website has a very nice review of our new album “Never Grow Up”. This is what Google translate reveals:

“Never Grow Up” (Shelflife Records)
The Germans Brideshead were formed in 1993 and even now, after many roller coaster rides of pop, we find them here, to account for the historical Shelflire Records an album that conquest from the first listen, with the weapon of simplicity, freshness and sparkling indie-pop. Jangly guitar-pop-for refined palates, for those looking for crystal clear melodies and timeless, those who fish in the school and 80 that refer to past heroes like Field Mice or Biff Bang Pow! or the tradition of delicious labels like Elefant, Matinée. Caresses that peek (Love & Happiness), but is more incisive look that emerges more album (If I Sing For You At or 45rpm) to mind-blowing winds that push on the accelerator (The Mermaid): the substance It does not change in one of those albums that is familiar from the first listen. The summer may never end! (Ricky Brit Pop)

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