Coming the best in P!O!P! Let us invite you to a bath of jangly guitars, timeless melodies and a gentle vioce by a band once called the best english-vocal-band around in germany.

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Brideshead @ Madrid Popfest 2016 on video!

While we have been on stage at Madrid Popfest, I noticed this guy with the video camera… Now it turned out that it was one member of Producciones y Punto and they are currently uploading every single song we played. There are videos of the other bands performances, too! I’ll really like the very agile camera work!

So far I found these Bridehead videos:

Madrid Popfest promotion video

Watch a great promotion video Madrid Popfest published! Right in the beginning a small piece of our video “At 45 rpm” shows up.



Nine days to go, then Brideshead will play at Madrid Popfest!

Brideshead is back from the UK

Two weeks ago Brideshead played their first UK gig ever. Thanks to Gary from dufflecoat records again, for making this possible.

It was great to meet Mark and Neal from Fragile and when I was looking for the url of the Fragile website I found this great report of Fragiles and Bridesheads collectively concert back in 1998..

Mark did record the whole gig with his camera and just published the opener Same Story, Different Day on youtube.

Here it is:



At 45rpm is video of the week

The video to our new album  “Never Grow Up” has been nominated to be video of the week at musicwontsaveyou.

Video page is completed

I just completed the video page on our new website. There are a couple more on youtube, but i added those which contain moving pictures, respectively those where you can see Brideshead members move more or less..

The one from our gig back in 2010 in Hamburg, was record by Mark / The Shining Hour whom you should  check out if you  don’t know him yet.

I tried hard to find one which we recognized a couple of years ago, someone used a Brideshead song as soundtrack for a video he or she made with Lego action figures, unfortunately i didn’t find it any more. Valuable tips will be appreciated very much..

Here it is: The video to “At 45rpm” from our forthcoming album “Never Grow Up”

I guess it was one of the hottest days of this summer when we were shooting in Frankfurt and Wiesbaden but we’ve had lots fun. If you like it please help us spread the word and share it.

You can preorder our new album at  shelflife records or at Dufflecoat Records

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