Coming the best in P!O!P! Let us invite you to a bath of jangly guitars, timeless melodies and a gentle vioce by a band once called the best english-vocal-band around in germany.

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Brideshead will play at Madrid Popfest

On Saturday 12th of March 2016 Brideshead will play at the Madrid Popfest!

We are looking forward to Almond blossoms, the first golden rays of warming sunlight, Tapas, nice people and great music!

Why not have a springtime weekend in Spain and visit the Madrid Popfest?

Stay tuned and like Madrid Popfest at Facebook

So far the following acts have been announced:

Jessica & The Fletchers

Jessica & The Fletchers

Jessica & The Fletcher on Bandcamp

Jessica & The Fletcher on Facebook



Parade on jabalinamusica

Parade on Facebook

Puzzles y Dragones

Puzzles y Dragones

Puzzles y Dragones on Bandcamp

Puzzles y Dragones on Facebook

Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

Sagrado Corazón de Jesús at Bandcamp

Sagrado Corazón de Jesús at Facebook




Horsebeach at Facebook

Horsebeach at Soundcloud



Sierra at Facebook

Sierra Video Golpes

Red Sleeping Beauty

Red Sleeping Beauty

Red Sleeping Beauty at Facebook

Red Sleeping Beauty at Twitter

Los animalitos del bosque

Los animalitos del bosque at Facebook

Hazte lapón

Hazte lapón

Hazte lapón at Facebook

Hazte lapón at Twitter

Hazte lapón at Bandcamp 

Colour Me Wednesday

Colour Me Wednesday

Colour Me Wednesday atBandcamp

Colour Me Wednesday at Facebook

Brideshead is back from the UK

Two weeks ago Brideshead played their first UK gig ever. Thanks to Gary from dufflecoat records again, for making this possible.

It was great to meet Mark and Neal from Fragile and when I was looking for the url of the Fragile website I found this great report of Fragiles and Bridesheads collectively concert back in 1998..

Mark did record the whole gig with his camera and just published the opener Same Story, Different Day on youtube.

Here it is:



A brilliant review of Never Grow Up on

A brilliant review on It ends with (google translate says so): Only the greatest indie-pop records which came out in recent years (the miraculous “Criminal Art Lovers” by Northern Portrait , “Music Sounds Better With You” by the Acid House Kings) may represent a basis for comparison. We are also compared to The Lodger (last album came out on our label apricot…), Dylan Mondegreen (Shelflife labelmate) and Kings Of Convenience. Mille grazie!

Brideshead playing at Dufflecoat Records All Dayer

At Saturday 14th November 2015 Brideshead will play at the Dufflecoat Records All Dayer,
together with a couple of other great Bands!
The All Dayer will take place at the Sebright Arms31-35 Coate Street, London, E2 9AG.
Tickets are :
All Day £8 in advance or £10 on the door
Evening £6 in advance or £8 on the door
This all dayer will be split into two parts!

From 2 pm – 5pm there will be some Acoustic Sets by:

Alpaca Sports


Andreas and Amanda will playing a lofi/acoustic set! the mini album “When You Need Me The Most” is out soon on Elefant/Luxury Records.
“You get girl/ boy vocals over some jangly Marr-esque style guitars… Think of bands like Los Campesinos and Allo Darlin’ and you’re not a million miles away from what you’re getting here.” Norman Records
Franklin’s Kite
franklinsFranklin’s Kite is Marc Elston from The Liberty Ship/Bulldozer Crash. A mighty fine EP, Hurdles and Rewards, was released on Little Treasures earlier this year.


Franklin’s Kite at Little Treasures

Bruno Durand
brunoBruno is the front man from the Tomatometers. Bruno first established The Tomatometers as a one man band in London in 2006.They have sinced blossomed into a full band now based in Toulouse, France.
The band say” we meet every Wednesday in a basement, we’re having fun… That’s maybe what pop is all about !” Erm yep!
Charlie Darling – Les Bicyclettes de Belsize
lesbicyclettesdebelsize“It’s only pop music, don’t be scared, it’s fun, it won’t hurt!”
Inspired by the film starring Anthony May and Judy Huxtable (with music by the legendary Les Reed), ‘Les Bicyclettes de Belsize’ is the bedsit project fronted by Charlie Darling (formerly with indie popsters ‘Paisley & Charlie’ and ‘Detox Cute and the Beauty Junkies’.

Evening 7.30 – 11pm

zipperThey say:
“Zipper is a band from Madrid who loves the c-86 sound. Beautiful twee-pop songs with a little bit of punk, sang both in English or Spanish…………………
So, we’re Zipper and this is pop!”
The Proctors
proctors“…..this is the sound 4AD would have made if they were an indiepop label” Sounds XP
The Haywains 
HaywainsFormed in 1988, The Haywains played three-chord jangly punk-pop with bittersweet lyrics and a distinctive dual boy/girl vocal delivery. Part of the do-it-yourself ‘indiepop’ underground and fanzine culture that thrived around Bristol in the late 80’s, the band’s refreshing fun approach was characterised by singer Jeremy Hunt’s jovial on-stage banter and minimal no-frills charm.
 “Brideshead embody everything that is perfect about pop. There just hasn’t been a band this good in so long – they’re easily the best jangle guitar-pop band from the last ten years. Take the best parts of Orange Juice, Brilliant Corners, the Bodines; add a bit of Eggstone – Brideshead are better than that. ” – Indiepages
“Light and airy pop that would fit neatly into the Sarah Records cannon… Really gorgeous lush jangle pop that’s sure to be on my top whatever of the year list.” – Shredding Paper
plus Culture Bunker DJ’s playing the best from post punk onwards throughout the day

Review from French blog Indie Love Songs

Heres an other nice review from Indie Love Songs.
It is written in French but Google translation starts with: With Brideshead, life is simple, life is sweet and sunny!

New York Popfest photos

Brideshead performed on this years NYC Pop Fest and here are some photos we took while visiting New York City.

There are some more photos of the other bands who played and us on



New review of “Never Grow Up” at ALLMUSIC

I just discovered a quite good review at ALLMUSIC. Seems like they like “At Melancholy Bay” the most, because of the rock muscle in its rhythm section ?!?…

Our new album cover

LIFE121_Cover480We all love the cover of our new album “Never Grow Up” which is available from today on from shelflife records and dufflecoat records. The guy who designed it is Pintachan. If I remember right, Martin noticed his great work as he found some postcards made by him in a store in London. If you like the cover of “Never Grow up” as much as we do, you should have a look at Pintachan’s webpage were you can have a look at far more great stuff he did.



Lyrics of our new album “Never Grow Up”

As some of our listeners requested the lyrics of our new album “Never Grow Up“, here they are:

never grow up lyric sheet side a never grow up lyric sheet side b

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