The Italian website has a very nice review of our new album “Never Grow Up”. This is what Google translate reveals:

“Never Grow Up” (Shelflife Records)
The Germans Brideshead were formed in 1993 and even now, after many roller coaster rides of pop, we find them here, to account for the historical Shelflire Records an album that conquest from the first listen, with the weapon of simplicity, freshness and sparkling indie-pop. Jangly guitar-pop-for refined palates, for those looking for crystal clear melodies and timeless, those who fish in the school and 80 that refer to past heroes like Field Mice or Biff Bang Pow! or the tradition of delicious labels like Elefant, Matinée. Caresses that peek (Love & Happiness), but is more incisive look that emerges more album (If I Sing For You At or 45rpm) to mind-blowing winds that push on the accelerator (The Mermaid): the substance It does not change in one of those albums that is familiar from the first listen. The summer may never end! (Ricky Brit Pop)