Same Story, Different Day (Live in London 14.11.15)

On Your Trail Live

At 45 rpm

Video to our new LP / CD “Never grow up” at Dufflecoat Records or shelflife records

The Mermaid

Our first release at Dufflecoat Records the b side of this 7inch is “the loneliest boy in the word.

Love in June

The Video was shot  and cut by Mark / The Shinnig Hour when he joined the audience at our gig at the “Hafenbahnhof” in Hamburg 2010. You can read an interview with Mark here and even better, download one of  The Shining Hour’s albums for free at Bandcamp. Mark runs a webpage, also.

Life without a thrill

This was shot in New York City with a super 8 camera in 1999, you can watch us climbing down carefully from the roof of Ed’s (the owner of  shelflife records) flat in Brooklyn…


Looking back from today, this one is a little cheesy i guess, but Brideshead has been on TV..

The Leafage